About us

Wasted is the upshot of a reflection on anonymous design as well as a unit of rebel objects who suffer from their conditions of being constantly manipulated and then forgotten by men. Every object has been rethought and rebranded to become a new product at all, from the name to the packaging design and their communication & logo design.


You can buy a rebel!

Supporting our cause you’ll become the owner of a unique piece of design, reestablishing a more correct and enjoyable relashionship with everyday art. You can also be delighted by awesome packages made with better materials and designed by the best Italian minds




24.90 eur



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Fuorisalone Milano

you’re invited @WASTED exhibit


17 − 22.04.2018

Via Sbodio 9,
Lambrate District
Milan, Italy

@DIN - Design In
During the Milan Design Week

This is not an e-commerce, but we’re pleased to invite you to see and touch by yourself the object you’ve chosen and many other more during our great exhibit in Milan.

WASTED is an autonomous and independent movement composed by sick and tired everyday objects. They are now fighting to escape their soul-destroyingncondition of life. Ungratefulness and wearing use, this is what anonymous design objects are intended for. But now, a new era’s coming, a big revolution: they’re facing a path of rebirth and redesign, trying to find their real identity and expectations. They want to live their dream.

To do that, WASTED objects reinvent theirselves in name, aesthetics and function.

The other aim of the organization is to sensitize people in their relashionship with design, in particular which come from everyday uses. To learn respect and to show that this kind of design is the most important for human’s life.